I was born in Rome in 1977.
All the pleasure of observing the face, then enhancing its beauty without changing its essence … This is what led me in 1996 to attend Gilles Gagné’s beautician school, later becoming his assistant.

It has taken time and a lot of dedication – studying cinema and photography and working for prestigious companies like Wella – for me to reach the point where now I can simply look at a face and immediately be able to make it radiant.

Working in the major television networks such as Rai, Mediaset and Sky, as well as in cinema and fashion, has led me to enrich my knowledge and to come into every day contact with diverse renowned figures. From the sobriety of a news broadcast to the exuberance of a fashion show like Women Under the Stars with designers of the calibre Valentino , Armani e Versace or a film set like Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love, this wealth of experience keeps me in touch with the latest trends, both technical and creative, allowing me to help make every face shine.

Giorgia Bertoldi